Third-Party Governance & Oversight 2019 Survey Results

Download this 24-page e-book that presents the results of the 2019 Third-Party Governance & Oversight Survey.

With the strategic importance of engaging third parties in today’s business landscape, coupled
with the level of risk that they can bring to the enterprise, third-party risk management is attracting greater focus from the C-suite and the Board of Directors.

In this e-book, produced by Compliance Week and sponsored by Aravo, we share survey results from 169 TPRM program stakeholders which reveal there’s significant opportunity for better communication between the board, senior management and third-party risk practitioners.

The report is designed to arm third-party risk professionals and their Boards of Directors with important benchmarking information on how to improve program maturity, communications and, ultimately, governance and oversight.

It addresses the following questions and more:

  • Do boards have a good handle on the third-party risks their organizations are exposed to?
  • How engaged are boards in third-party risk oversight?
  • How long does it take to compile a board report?
  • How accurate and complete are board reports?
  • What are the biggest challenges in compiling third party risk management reports for the board?
  • What third-party issues are being brought up at board level?
  • Levels of program maturity

The results provide important discussion points that boards and senior management should be examining to help improve and mature their own third-party risk management programs.



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