Enabling 360 Degree Insight and Control of Third Party Relationships

Third Party Compliance Requires Global Vision and Automation

Regulators and a well-informed public are holding Global 2000 companies responsible for third party business practices, safety records, human rights adherence, anti-corruption practices, ethical conduct, cyber-security, and environmental impact. It’s a lot to keep track of.

To ensure compliance, companies need a comprehensive, flexible, and extensible solution for capturing third-party data and ensuring that partners of all kinds understand and adhere to company policies, national laws, and industry regulations.

Read this white paper written by GRC 20/20 Analysts to learn about:

  • The requirements for a global, 24/7 solution for monitoring third-party compliance
  • Why a manual, spreadsheet-centric approach is insufficient for effective 360° third-party management
  • The advantages of the Aravo Enterprise solution for meeting the steep compliance requirements facing organizations today


Aravo White Paper - Enabling 360 Degree Insight of Third-Party Relationships


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