How to Design a Third Party Management IT Architecture

Join GRC experts Michael Rasmussen, Principal Analyst at GRC 20/20, and Dave Rusher, SVP Product Strategy & Alliances at Aravo, as they present an Executive Insights Series on managing third-party risk and compliance. Each webinar is 1 hour long and can be viewed by registering right.

Third party management requires a robust, adaptable IT architecture that models the complexity of third party information, transactions, interactions, and relationships and supports the timely data collection and analysis of third-party information with best-in-class technology. Implemented properly, a third-party management architecture provides stake-holders with a single version of the truth regarding third-party performance and risk, and enables those stake-holders to respond quickly and precisely when new third-party risks arise.

Part 3 of the webinar series will describe:

  • Components and requirements for a third party information architecture
  • Types of third-party management information and how this information integrates into third-party processes
  • Available third-party management technologies and what best serves the organization
  • Technical and organizational requirements for third-party management platforms
  • Building a business case for third-party management platforms
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