Aravo for ABAC Compliance

Quickly deploy an anti-bribery anti-corruption (ABAC) application that consistently manages, analyzes, and tracks third party bribery and corruption risk at the enterprise, entity, and engagement level according to international industry best practice guidance from World Economic Forum, US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, ISO 37001, and other sources.

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Face Regulatory Compliance with Confidence

From initial screening to enhanced due diligence, establish evidence of compliance across lines of defense with an ABAC-specific audit trail, documentation, and reporting that will stand up to internal and external reviews. Complement continuous risk management with optional third party data integrations (e.g., Refinitiv, Dow Jones, Arachnys, Red Flag Group, Lexis Nexis, etc.).

Deliver End-to-End Visibility and Vigilance

Ensure that everyone responsible for managing third party risk – including business owners, relationship managers, C-suite, board members, and risk management professionals – has complete visibility with out-of-the-box, role-based ABAC dashboards and domain-specific reports. Automatically trigger incident reports, remediation, or termination plans based on continuous monitoring that detects changes in risk profiles.

Enforce Internal Controls Across the Enterprise

Establish a single source of truth for third party relationships, as well as and fourth parties and beyond, to effectively segment your third party portfolio and mitigate risks accordingly. Increase internal compliance with an easy-to-use interface for distributed ownership and automate standard workflows to ensure compliance with policies and procedures while creating a robust audit trail.

Aravo for ABAC Compliance Application is built on Aravo’s third party risk management application. It comes with the application’s pre-defined data model, dynamic online questionnaire, automated workflows, risk scoring, performance scoring, issues and corrective action capabilities, reports and dashboards, and integration capabilities. It includes a proprietary best practice ABAC Compliance Risk Assessment questionnaire, mapped to World Economic Forum, US FCPA, UK Bribery, ISO 37001, and other industry guidance. It can be complemented with services to configure and integrate to your individual program requirements.