Automate Your Vendor Registration And Qualification Process

Minimize risk, optimize performance and preserve your reputation by only doing business with suppliers that meet your qualification criteria.

Introduce a single, standardized and transparent process for the registration and qualification of all of your third parties, vendors, and suppliers.

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Do Your Vendors Meet Your Business, Ethical And Security Standards?

Global organizations work with thousands, to many hundreds of thousands of vendors, and suppliers. The complexity of these third party ecosystems and the importance of corporate reputation to share-holder value, mean that ‘knowing your vendor’ is a key business priority.

The foundation of effective third party and supplier management programs is an effective, consistent and diligent qualification and onboarding process. Yet too often this is managed disparately, across various business teams, regions and multiple data silos. As a result, qualification and onboarding is not a consistent, standardized and centrally managed process – slowing down your business and creating many silos of risk exposure.

A strategic and connected approach to the registration and qualification of third parties and suppliers saves time, reduces risk and improves communication and compliance.

Streamline the Collection and Monitoring Of Supplier, Vendor and Third Party Data

A complete solution for ensuring a standardized process for engaging with potential vendors and suppliers, establishing the level of risk they may bring to your business and verifying their qualifications and capabilities.

Aravo allows you to maintain and manage all your vendors in a single inventory, monitor compliance with your business policies, and collect, store and maintain all their supporting documentation, such as insurance certificates, policies, certification to ISO and other business standards and more.

A More Efficient And Effective Approach To Qualifying Third Parties and Suppliers

Dramatically reduce the time required for the registration and qualification of all your vendors and suppliers. By eliminating multiple inventories and manual processes that rely on unreliable email and spreadsheets, you save time, gain productivity and deliver consistent and scalable programs. Customers have reduced the time associated with onboarding by more than 160% with Aravo.

Aravo for Registration and Qualification is built on Aravo’s third party risk management application. It comes with the application’s pre-defined data model, dynamic online questionnaire, automated workflows, risk scoring, performance scoring, issues and corrective action capabilities, reports and dashboards and integration capabilities. It can be complemented with services to configure and integrate to your individual program requirements.