Ensure Integrity In Your Supply Chain

Understand, manage and mitigate the reputational and sustainability risks posed by your third parties and their engagements.

Ensure third parties are operating in compliance with environmental, health and safety and human rights requirements, while adhering to the highest of ethical standards. Protect your brand reputation and equity, and drive corporate responsibility.

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A Responsible Supply Chain Supports Good Business

Responsible sourcing is back up the boardroom agenda as it is so tightly connected to brand reputation, and a natural extension of an organization’s commitment to corporate responsibility. One bad apple in a third party network can lead to a substantial amount of adverse publicity, damaging a company’s reputation and brand value. Research suggests that corporate reputation makes up 33% of the market value of the FTSE 100, making reputation an important business asset to protect. We see examples in the headlines every day from child labor being exposed in clothing factories in Myanmar, to environmentally damaging and unsustainable palm oil production in Indonesia. Regulatory scrutiny is escalating, and that combined with informed consumers, powerful advocacy groups and the power of social media mean that unethical third party and supply networks are bad for business.

Ensure Your Third Parties are Compliant and Ethical

Aravo for Responsible Sourcing allows you to implement, manage, and enforce consistent and objective responsible sourcing compliance programs for all your third parties, regardless of scale. Best practice assessments and workflows enable organizations to rapidly implement a control framework that mitigates key sustainability, labor, environmental safety and material sourcing risks, which can otherwise result in fines, reputational damage, and loss of shareholder value.

A More Efficient And Effective Approach To Responsible Sourcing

Dramatically reduce the time required for the assessment and due diligence of third parties. By eliminating multiple inventories and manual processes that rely on unreliable email and spreadsheets, you save time, gain productivity and deliver consistent and scalable programs

Aravo for Responsible Sourcing is built on Aravo’s third party risk management application. It comes with the application’s pre-defined data model, dynamic online questionnaire, automated workflows, risk scoring, performance scoring, issues and corrective action capabilities, reports and dashboards and integration capabilities. It can be complemented with services to configure and integrate to your individual program requirements.