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Deploy programs aligned to your own corporate policies and governance framework, with unrivaled configurability, regulatory agility, ease-of-use and performance.

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Stand up your programs quickly, cost-effectively and confidently with our range of best practice applications

  • Third Party Risk Management

    Understand, manage and mitigate the risks posed by your third parties and their engagements. Learn More

  • TPRM for Financial Services

    Helps financial services firms accelerate their third party risk programs with confidence, and support compliance with increased regulatory expectations. Learn More

  • GDPR

    Identify third party processors that fall in scope with the GDPR and ensure the right controls for data management, processing, security and breach reporting are in place. Learn More

  • ABAC Due Diligence

    Understand and manage the bribery and corruption risks posed by third parties, comply with ABAC regulations. Learn More

  • Information Security

    Proactively monitor third party information security policies and practices to ensure compliance with information security laws and standards. Learn More

  • Responsible Sourcing

    Ensure third parties are operating ethically and in compliance with environmental, health and safety and human rights requirements. Learn More

  • Performance

    Collect, track and manage the quantitative and qualitative performance metrics of your suppliers to capture the strategic advantages of efficiency, cost savings, quality and innovation. Learn More

  • Data Privacy

    Proactively monitor third party data policies and practices to ensure compliance with data privacy laws and standards. Learn More

  • Registration & Qualification

    Consistent, accurate and diligent third party and supplier onboarding at scale. Manage risk and elevate performance. Learn More

Professional Services

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    Domain Expertise

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    Best-Practice Implementations

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    Complements Strength of Internal Teams

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    Ongoing Program Maintenance

Validation Services

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    Multi-Buyer, Multi-Third Party Communities

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    Data Validation Services

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    Trusted Validation Partners

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    Automated Validation with External Data Sources