Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor vendor risk and performance and trigger review, escalation, issue management, and remediation activity.

Continuous, ongoing monitoring is an important part of the third-party risk management process. Risk management is not a single point in time exercise, and organizations need to take a proactive, risk-based approach to monitoring their third-party relationships for potential problems. Aravo automates the ongoing monitoring process, flagging changes in risk or performance profiles for review and remedial action.


Monitor third parties against both risk and performance metrics on an ongoing basis.

Automate review cycles and build in triggers for escalation, issue management, and remediation, should risk or performance scores change or trend outside acceptable thresholds.

Integrate with third-party intelligence content from Refinitiv, Dow Jones, RapidRatings, SecurityScorecard, BitSight, and others, to continuously monitor against key risk domain intelligence and provide further data points that can trigger real-time review and remediation activity.


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