Save Money

Are you managing your supplier relationships using multiple, disparate enterprise systems, or even worse, manually? If so, you are spending WAY too much on supplier lifecycle management processes.

You’ve invested millions of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen in your enterprise source to settle business systems. Perhaps you have ERP procurement and payables, best of breed sourcing, stand-alone eProcurement, and niche services and asset management systems. Regardless of vendor, age, or technology they all rely on one key ingredient to deliver their expected ROI: accurate, timely, and complete supplier data.

And it’s more than just inaccurate payments, duplicate supplier records, and maverick spend … poor supplier enablement can hamper your ability to capitalize on fast moving opportunities to expand into developing markets with local suppliers. Add decentralized global operations each with their own unique set of supplier issues, and it’s not surprising that supplier enablement continues to be among the primary challenges facing procurement professionals.

Primary Loss Categories from Poor SLM Processes

Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many companies across industries save money by providing an automated, flexible, scalable SLM solution that reduces administrative costs while improving ROI.  

Sample Savings

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