Avoid Penalties

Are you at risk from supplier or trading partner regulatory compliance failures? Can you ensure that your suppliers have valid insurance certificates or that your channel partners are FCPA compliant?

It’s no longer enough to ensure that your company is meeting its internal regulatory compliance requirements alone. Unsafe cars, toys contaminated by lead, pet food containing dangerous fillers, and medications formulated with treacherous levels of key ingredients are all tragic stories. What’s common to them is that the brands of the companies affected were not damaged by their own overt acts, but by those of suppliers...suppliers that did not adhere to regulations, standards, and codes of conduct.

And it isn’t just about product safety and sustainability.

How do you mitigate this risk of regulatory compliance across international markets while managing compliance costs? By implementing systems and controls to gather trading partner credentials (some as simple as COI, W8’s, self-cert affidavits, etc.), monitor internal and external trading activities for compliance, and proactively identify partners and suppliers that are non-compliant. The costs may seem considerable, but the penalties in terms of brand erosion, fines, and prison sentences are much worse.

Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many companies across industries ensure global regulatory compliance by providing an automated, flexible, scalable SLM solution that provides a single, centralized, 360 degree view of supplier credentials and compliance across business units and geographies.

With Aravo you can:

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