Our Technology

How do you build trust in your technology solution?

At Aravo we understand that application availability, data privacy and system security are paramount concerns of our customers. In a cloud-based environment, outside the four walls of the enterprise, these issues take on even more significance. As a solution provider to many of the largest Global 2000 companies in the world, Aravo has successfully addressed these concerns in complex high-availability environments across industries and geographies.

It starts with our applications design, development and testing standards. Aravo's product management, development and QA teams follow strict policies and procedures that are monitored continually and audited regularly. The result is high quality business applications and integration that you can trust your business with day and night.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution provider, Aravo's hosting provider relationship is key to maintaining high availability. Aravo's hosting partner is Rackspace.

Rackspace is the service leader in cloud computing with over 100,000 customers
including nearly half of the Fortune 100

Rackspace is SAS 70, US-EU Safe Harbor, and US-Swiss Safe Harbor certified to ensure best practice adherence throughout their facilities.

To ensure data privacy protection and compliance, Aravo observes:

Aravo has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.

As a multitenant SaaS solution provider, Aravo maintains an extensive, multilayered logical segregation between customers' data. This multi-tenant data model is the focus of Quality NFRs that are regularly tested by the Aravo QA department and audited by 3rd parties. In addition, Aravo aligns its Enterprise Information Security Policy with ISO 27000.

To address security breach detection and resolution, Aravo maintains an Incident Response Policy as part of the Enterprise Information Security Policy. The Incident Response Policy defines specific procedures to be followed for responses, escalation and notification in the event an incident. From a technical point of view, Aravo maintains IDS/IDP systems at multiple points of system ingress and egress; IDS/IDP logs are monitored continuously.

Aravo uses these and many other policies, procedures and standard compliant practices to ensure that our customers can rely on their Aravo SLM solutions and the technology that supports them in a safe, private and secure environment.