Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose Aravo

Aravo Pioneered the SLM/SIM Market

Aravo launched the market's first SIM solution in 2004 and has been the leading innovator in the space ever since. We expanded from SIM to SLM in 2008 with the addition of industry-leading solutions for Risk, Compliance, Performance and Spend management. Today, Aravo serves the needs of the world's largest companies, with the largest supplier populations, facing the most complex SIM and SLM challenges. We are the key thought leader in the industry and have driven the industry from an innovation standpoint for well over a decade.

The World's Leading Firms Run Aravo

Aravo's customers are a who's who of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms. Companies from nearly every major industry count on Aravo to power their global SIM and SLM programs. No other firm works across the breadth of industries Aravo does - from financial services and manufacturing to life sciences and higher education. It is this diverse industry expertise that allows Aravo to meet customer requirements regardless of language, geography, legacy system landscape, supplier capabilities, or integration needs.

Best Practices

As the SIM market pioneer, Aravo has defined best practices for SLM for over a decade. By solving complex supplier management problems for the world's largest companies, Aravo has amassed the market's largest inventory of best practice business processes, workflows, configurations and templates. Our implementation professionals understand risk, compliance, performance and supplier information management challenges across a wide spectrum of industries. Aravo leverages best practices in all customer deployments, helping our clients improve their internal business processes by emulating the most successful businesses in their industry. This approach also allows clients to quickly add new business units, or react to changes in markets, products or strategies.

The Market's Most Configurable, Scalable, and Feature-Rich Solution

Other SLM solution providers try to force your unique needs into their constrained set of business processes and capabilities, then charge for expensive customizations when their feature sets fall short. At Aravo, we believe in best practices based on configuration not customization. Where others provide single level views of risk and performance metrics, Aravo let's you model the real world - your world - with multi-level metrics across multiple business units and varying levels of business criticality that combine internal and external data sources and KPIs. With Aravo companies don't simply monitor risk, compliance and performance, but proactively manage them by linking automated action plans to triggers and changes in key metrics, resulting in competitive advantage and optimization of time and resources.

Cloud-based solution means rapid time to value & lowest TCO

Aravo leverages a multi-tenant Cloud-based SaaS platform which offers our customers extreme flexibility, scalability, and rapid time to benefit through ease of deployment. SaaS eliminates the need for upfront IT infrastructure and software license investments, and ensures immediate access to new functionality. With a subscription-based model, customers pay only for the resources they need, when they need them, and can evolve deployments as priorities and requirements change.

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