Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose Aravo

Why are Global 2000 companies across industries choosing Aravo for their Risk, Compliance and SLM needs?

Aravo Defined the SLM/SIM Category

Strongest Customer and Industry Portfolio

Deepest SLM Best Practice Experience

Most Configurable, Feature-rich Solutions

Cloud-based = Rapid Time to Value & Lowest TCO

Top 5 Reasons

Leadership...Aravo started & defined the SLM/SIM solution category

Aravo launched the market's first SIM solution in 2004 and has been the leading innovator in the space ever since. Expanding SIM to SLM with the addition of industry-leading solutions for Risk, Compliance, Performance and Spend management, Aravo drives thought-leadership for the entire industry. By providing a single source of truth for all supplier and trading partner information, Aravo is able to tame the complexity of managing SLM business processes across global IT infrastructures. No other vendor can deliver a suite of products and services that span:

With global customers including GE and Cisco Systems, Aravo continues to dominate the worldwide market for SIM and SLM solutions. By transforming their process and technology landscape using Aravo's technology, customers reduce supplier management costs by up to 72%, avoid supply chain disruptions by proactively managing supplier risk, and accelerate time-to-market through optimized supplier discovery and performance management.

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Strongest customer portfolio

Aravo’s customers are a who’s who of the Global 2000. Companies from nearly every major industry count on Aravo for their SLM requirements. In addition to industry leaders like GE, Cisco, Boston University, Accenture, USAA and Best Buy, Aravo’s customers include:

Aravo has the diverse industry expertise to help customers successfully deploy and manage their unique SLM requirements and deliver rapid return on their solution investment.

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Deepest SLM best practice experience

As the industry founder, Aravo has defined best practices for SLM. By solving complex supplier management problems for the world’s largest companies, Aravo has amassed a formidable inventory of best practice business processes, workflows, configurations and templates. Our professionals understand the risk, compliance, performance and supplier information management challenges across the enterprise. From FCPA to conflict minerals to diversity to potential supply chain disruptions and available mitigation strategies, Aravo has been there and done that. We approach each customer’s objectives from a best practice approach, helping them to improve their internal business processes by emulating the most successful businesses in their industry. And Aravo’s best practice methodology ensures customers achieve the fastest time to value at the lowest cost.

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Most configurable, scalable, and feature-rich solutions

Other SLM solution providers try to force your unique needs into their constrained set of business processes and capabilities, and then charge you for customization when you insist they satisfy your requirements. At Aravo, we believe in best practices based on configuration not customization. Our products are built for the Global 2000 enterprise that has complexity at its foundation. With configurable surveys, workflows and business processes, you can start with our best practices and model your unique requirements on top of them. This approach also allows you to quickly add new business units, or react to changes in your markets, products and strategies.

And that flexibility goes beyond configuration into the DNA of our solutions. Where others provide single level views of risk and performance metrics, Aravo let’s you model the real world - your world. The world of multi-level metrics, across multiple business units and varying levels of business criticality. The world of internal and external data, of objective and subjective KPI’s. The world of not just monitoring risk, compliance and performance, but managing them by linking specific automated action plans to triggers and changes in key metrics. Plans that enable you to be proactive in your supplier management approach, not reactive. Plans that give you competitive advantage. And much more. Industry-leading features throughout the solution portfolio.

All in a completely scalable, cloud-based architecture that frees you from worrying about exceeding its capacity, or having to budget for hardware upgrades.

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Cloud-based solution means rapid time to value & lowest TCO

Aravo leverages a multi-tenant Cloud-based SaaS platform which offers our customers extreme flexibility, scalability, and rapid time to benefit through ease of deployment. SaaS eliminates the need for upfront IT infrastructure and software license investments, and ensures rapid access to new functionality for your users. With a subscription-based model, you pay for the resources you need when you need them, often out of operating budgets.

On-premise solutions with big upfront license fees, hardware costs, annual maintenance and support fees, costly upgrades and time-consuming IT support drive your costs up and delay your time to value. There’s a reason Cloud-based solutions are the fastest growing part of the solutions market...they make financial sense.

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Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many Global 2000 companies across industries implement successful SLM solutions that drive value to the bottom line. For more information, please click on one of the choices in the Learn More box to the right.