About Aravo

History & Mission

Aravo was founded in February 2000 to bring order to the complex, chaotic world of enterprise supplier lifecycle management. We have remained focused on this singular goal for over a decade, and today we are the market leader in this growing, important field.

Aravo's mission is to provide continuous innovation and market leadership in global B2B information and collaboration solutions that enable trading partners to:

Aravo's flagship Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) suite was built from the ground up to solve today's toughest supplier management challenges while delivering the flexibility to meet tomorrow's needs as they emerge. From supply management to sustainability to risk management and compliance, Aravo SLM offers proven features and functionality to meet all of your supplier information management needs.

Aravo's customers are Fortune 1000 executives in procurement, finance, supply chain, compliance and IT departments whose key challenges include:

The world's best-run businesses know that accurate, validated and complete supplier information is essential to drive core SLM business value and ROI.

Aravo Assure™

Aravo's latest game changing solution is Aravo Assure™, the industry's first - and only - business social network with a focus on risk, performance, compliance, and sustainability information. Aravo Assure™ allows companies to leverage Aravo's industry-leading SLM platform in a true many-to-many, centralized, network environment. Just as LinkedIn was developed for professional networking, and Facebook for social networking, Aravo Assure™ was developed to harness the power of collaborative networks to drive more efficient, effective business-to-business relationships for companies of all sizes.

We strive for customer success above all else, and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring this goal is met day in and day out. We encourage you to learn more about us via the many resources on this website.

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