Supplier enablement continues to be among the primary challenges facing global enterprises, resulting in inaccurate payments, maverick spend, duplicate records, and massive operational inefficiencies.

Aravo Supplier enablement capabilities deliver a single control point for supplier information management and integration across the global enterprise. New supplier onboarding is quick and efficient, ensuring that applications, business units, divisions and regions have real-time access to a single, centralized source of supplier truth.

Key Benefits

  • Improve sourcing, procurement, and AP ROI by accelerating supplier enablement
  • Reduce costly supplier errors with real-time supplier add, change, and EOL
  • Implement supplier self-service allowing internal resources to focus on more strategic efforts
  • Enable accurate, timely, and complete supplier data integrated with upstream and downstream systems
  • Prevent common invoice and payment errors by maintaining current supplier data in a central repository
  • Optimize workflow and approval processes to reduce errors and drive desired behavior

Aravo has helped companies across multiple industries design and implement supplier enablement programs by providing an automated, flexible, scalable supplier enablement solution that provides a single, centralized, view of supplier enablement processes across business units and geographies.

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