It is no secret that selecting the right suppliers improves your bottom line. In today's global marketplace, profits and productivity are largely dependent upon choosing the right suppliers.

Our Fortune 1000 customers tell us that their primary sourcing concerns include:

  • Time and costs associated with identifying, validating and pre-qualifying potential suppliers
  • Manual supplier registration processes, with little or no visibility into key supplier selection criteria, and
  • Governmental regulatory requirements around diversity supplier access

Aravo SLM/SIM allows you to reduce supplier discovery costs while driving improvements in time to market and competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of new supplier discovery processes
  • Speed time to market through effective supplier selection
  • Focus internal resources on supplier strategy
  • Streamline potential and unanticipated supplier registration
  • Develop and execute sophisticated new supplier discovery campaigns
  • Effectively conform to government regulations regarding diversity supplier access to your supplier network

Aravo has helped companies across multiple industries design and implement supplier discovery programs by providing an automated, flexible, scalable supplier discovery solution that provides a single, centralized, view of supplier discovery processes across business units and geographies.

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