Aravo Supplier Performance Management collects, tracks and manages both quantitative and qualitative supplier performance. KPIs, SLAs, real-time scorecards, and configurable performance metrics allow buying enterprises to automate the collection, monitoring and reporting of supplier performance data.

Aravo Supplier Performance Management gathers and normalizes performance data from your existing enterprise systems, and combines it with user-configured self-reported data, to help identify problem suppliers before detrimental impacts arise.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce supplier costs by optimizing performance
  • Identify and eliminate under-performing suppliers
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative measures for true performance measurement
  • Monitor and correct supplier-buyer processes
  • Provide a predictive view of performance with leading indicators
  • View weighted, objective scoring of suppliers at nearly any level or criteria
  • Strengthen supplier relationships with performance visibility and communication

Aravo has helped companies across multiple industries design and implement supplier performance programs by providing an automated, flexible, scalable supplier performance solution that provides a single, centralized, view of supplier performance across business units and geographies.

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