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GE Puts Imagination to Work to Control the Complexity of Global Supplier Lifecycle Management

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Managing one of the world's most complex supply chains, GE does business with over 700,000 suppliers across thousands of entities. The company sought to tame this complexity with an off-the shelf enterprise software solution that was scalable, quick to implement, highly configurable and easily adopted by users.

The Global Procurement Group manages GE's Global Supplier Library, a centralized repository at the corporate level for the management of supplier information feeding the firm's multiple downstream business units. The GSL was implemented in the 1990s to improve cross-enterprise coordination of supplier definitions, supplier reference numbers, supplier content and supporting data and documentation. The company needed to make process improvements to reduce a proliferation of supplier records, improve visibility into company-wide spend, aggregate supplier information and create a better understanding of what was being purchased from whom. GE also wanted to more accurately track compliance data, certifications and contracts in order to mitigate risk.

An overriding requirement was to make all of this data easy to find from within a universally accessible central repository on a global basis and in a consistent manner.

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