Technology Partners

Dell Boomi

Voted the #1 SaaS integrator for growing business, Dell Boomi allows customers to have easy interoperable access to Aravo's SaaS solutions. Dell Boomi simplifies complex web services technology with wizards that walk the user through the configuration of connectors without having to learn complex APIs. The result is very simple to very sophisticated integrations that can be accomplished with exceptional speed.

Aravo's cloud-based solutions embed Dell Boomi to provide real time integration with client applications both in the clouds and on their premises.



Endeca is the leading provider of agile information management solutions that guide people to better decisions. Endeca features best-in-class faceted search and guided navigation leveraging Endeca's MDEX engine technology that offer out-of-the box components that build the foundation for a wide range of best-in-class customer experiences.

Aravo Assure relies upon Endeca to offer customers unparalleled search functionality and access to the world's largest repository of supplier, channel and buyer information.


IBM Cast Iron

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration and Aravo have partnered to offer a fast and simple solution for data migration and solution integration. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration solution delivers simplicity by providing everything needed to complete solution integrations using a "configuration, not coding" approach without involving expert programmers.

Aravo's Enterprise clients can select Cast Iron to integrate their applications in days and for up to 80 percent less than the cost of software-based alternatives.


Oracle Database

Oracle is the world's #1 database solution and offers a wide range of options to extend the power of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition to meet specific requirements in the areas of performance and availability, security and compliance, data warehousing, and manageability.

Aravo embeds Oracle 11g to ensure customers the reliability, performance and stability required they demand from their enterprise grade transactional systems.



Vindicia delivers a strategic on-demand subscription billing solution for digital merchants with capabilities to support a wide variety of business models, from subscriptions, to micropayments, to freemium, and to supporting merchants who need virtual currency as well as usage-based billing.

Aravo Assure™ embeds the Vindicia CashBox engine to improve customer retention and maximize profit by enabling rapid implementation of best-of-breed subscription and one-time billing capabilities. Further, Vindicia's ChargeGuard allows Aravo Assure to control chargebacks and recover lost revenue through fraud screening, chargeback processing, disputing and prevention.