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How Can I Improve the ROI on my company's eProcurement investment?

Broken master data management processes impacting supplier data management. Low percentage of suppliers and contracts inside the eProcurement system. Lack of trust from business users that data in eProcurement systems is accurate. High operating costs from supporting multiple ERP and procurement systems. These are just a few of the reasons IT departments cite when explaining why ROI is low from eProcurement investments.

At most companies today, IT budgets are shrinking, and IT departments are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and achieve ROI from ERP and eProcurement systems. A few key requirements to help IT successfully solve these challenges:

  • Automating the process of gathering and validating supplier information so that data is accurate and up to date, and costs and time associated with supplier information management can be lowered.
  • Ensuring that all supplier information gathered is captured and updated into appropriate procurement and AP systems so buyers can find what they are looking for and will increase usage of the eProcurement system.

Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many companies lower their operational costs and increase the ROI of eProcurement systems with Aravo SIM. For more information, please click on one of the choices below:

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