Other Industries

How do you ensure global regulatory compliance, mitigate supply chain risk and drive down the cost of managing complex supplier relationships?

Challenges in Consumer Goods:

All consumer products companies are dealt the same hand of cards:  constant margin pressure, complex and demanding distribution channels, fierce competition, and a steady stream of new products that threatens to jam up supply chains. Only the winners successfully manage supplier relationships to shave expenses and improve profits without disrupting well-oiled business processes.

Challenges in Retail:

The imperatives to lower total cost of operations, comply with global regulatory requirements, and compete for customer loyalty is driving an increasing number of retailers to adopt supplier management, sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. These initiatives impact all aspects of the retail value chain from the retail supply chain, suppliers themselves, stores and overall brand image.

Challenges in Public Sector:

 Public sector eCommerce projects urgently need a way to expedite enablement for thousands of suppliers and their catalogs. Policies of enabling virtually any interested supplier results in 33 percent or more yearly turnover in the supply base– a volume impossible to manage with manual methods. As a result, vendor masters quickly became outdated, and the continuing pressure on time and resources demands more efficient solutions.

Challenges in Higher Education:

University sourcing and procurement teams continuously strive to deliver best-in-class strategic sourcing and spend management services in order to close the gap between what is being spent and what can be spent to achieve objectives. But staffing constraints mean that small teams are continually challenged by data quality and coverage issues and that prevent them from achieving vendor registration goals and performing commodity portfolio analysis.

Aravo can help

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