High Tech

How do you manage complex supply chains and global sources of supply?

In the high technology industry, competition requires quick response to market demands. Compounding the challenge of speed, successful high tech companies routinely offer a variety of configurations for each product to address diverse market requirements. To manage their nearly constant stream of new or updated products, these companies require complex supply chains with global sources of supply. These enterprises need tools that help shave expenses and improve profits while introducing greater efficiencies into their business.

Ultimately, optimizing supplier relationships means that companies must align supply and demand to minimize inventory and maximize returns. Missteps can mean lost market share, excess inventory, and major write-offs. To stay competitive, you must be early to market, on target with forecasts, and in control of production and inventory through each phase of the product life cycle. Toss in global regulatory issues like Conflict Minerals or FCPA, and the problems increase exponentially.

By facilitating close collaboration throughout the supply chain, supplier lifecycle management (SLM) solutions enable companies to optimize supplier relationships that impact these business processes and deliver products on time—with the highest quality and at the lowest cost. A cloud-based, configurable SLM system involves suppliers in the entire life cycle of products, helping lower costs, improve supply-chain efficiencies, and adapt to changing market conditions while keeping a tight control on expenditures.

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