Diversified Manufacturing

How do you control the complexity of global supplier lifecycle management?

From turbines to imaging instruments, from industrial equipment to aircraft and automobiles, diversified manufacturers and their products have shaped the modern world. With highly complex supply chains, these companies often do business with tens or hundreds of thousands of suppliers around the world. Taming this complexity requires an end to end supplier lifecycle management strategy coupled with an off-the shelf enterprise software solution that is scalable, quick to implement, highly configurable and easily adopted by users.

This complexity often extends to internal enterprise system environments as well. With multiple ERP instances, and a host of manufacturing, supply chain and financial management applications, diversified manufacturing companies demand a single, centralized source of truth for supplier information. This single respository must support the multiple downstream systems and business units to improve cross-enterprise coordination of supplier definitions, supplier content and supporting data and documentation. A single, integrated supplier information repository can reduce the proliferation of supplier records, improve visibility into company-wide spend, aggregate supplier information and create a better understanding of what was being purchased from whom. Ultimately, supplier information can be leveraged to manage the entire supplier lifecycle including the ability to accurately track compliance data, certifications and contracts in order to mitigate risk.

Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many Manufacturing companies effectively reduce supply chain complexity and the effectively manage the lifecycle of supplier relationships to ensure global regulatory compliance, reduce supply chain risk, and significantly lower administrative costs. For more information, please click on one of the choices in the Learn More box to the right.