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The new era of regulatory compliance---are you up to the challenge?

Headlines today are rife with stories of leading companies that have faced reputation damage due to public product issues such as toys contaminated by lead, pet food containing dangerous fillers, and medications formulated with treacherous levels of poor ingredients. What’s common to them is that the brands of the companies affected were not damaged by their own overt acts, but by those of suppliers … suppliers that did not adhere to regulations, standards, and codes of conduct. 

These and other headline producing failures have triggered not only a new era of regulatory compliance, but also a renewed movement of corporate policies addressing issues from sustainability to supplier diversity.  The number of controlled/regulated/mandated business requirements, and the related list of compliance documents and credentials, continue to grow globally and now apply to virtually every industry.

Additional Key enterprise Compliance Areas

Today it is imperative that you have the systems and processes in place to mitigate the risk of regulatory compliance across markets both domestic and international. This new era demands the implementation of systems and controls to gather trading partner credentials, monitor internal and external trading activities for compliance, and proactively identify partners and suppliers that are non-compliant. The costs may seem considerable, but the penalties in terms of brand erosion, fines, and prison sentences are much worse.

Aravo can help

Aravo has helped many Global 2000 companies across industries automate and manage their credentials and compliance requirements with built in compliance templates, support for compliance audits, configurable workflows to track credential renewals and new regulatory requirements, and compliance ratings to highlight the most at risk supplier relationships. Aravo has a robust platform that is flexible enough to address your compliance concerns today and into the future.